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I write for a variety of publications and please be in touch if you would like to discuss an article around the subjects of grief, loss, bereavement, infertility/ fertility support and other areas along these lines.

Here are a few examples:  Importance of counselling for Fertility clinics after Covid and The case for mandatory fertility counselling  and A new plea to the HFEA Chair.... 

Interviews / Podcasts:

I am comfortable providing interviews with appropriate media and publications and am happy to discuss projects. I have helped with various podcasts including The Problem with Men and specifically episode #3 'The Male Fertility Crisis' and also work with Fertility Network UK, as an example supporting Men, 'Coping with Fathers Day'


I give regular talks and webinars, speaking on the subject of loss, grief, transition, change,

stress management, coping strategies and relationships. 



My book "Small Fears / Big Worries: How to Find Happiness" provides easy to read explanations, hints, tips and exercises to help you quickly gain more control over situations that might be getting you down or impacting on your life.  It can be read cover to cover or dipped into at any time and each visit I hope will deliver new and fresh insights & ideas to help you through situations you are currently experiencing. 

I've also written a book on relationships, called I Love You - What Now? which is aimed at supporting anyone currently in a relationship or seeking to be in one and provides information on helping to achieve longevity within a relationship. 

My next book is..... (in the making)

Media: Welcome
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