• Anthony Ryb

Recent announcements!

As you will see from my web content, I support a lot of people through their in/fertility journey. From understanding what's involved using a clinic for assisted conception to (sadly) when it's failed and finding new paths or ways to live when having a child has not happened or worked out. Recent announcements and the mass press coverage over the past few weeks relating to Rachel Weisz becoming pregnant (aged 48), Pippa Middleton announcing she's pregnant and Kate Middleton just given birth - these are all wonderful stories and happy news for those involved but for anyone who's not achieved their dream of being/staying pregnant or having a child, each story can feel like a stab to the heart. For those having a tough time right now, be in touch with BICA, or Fertility Network UK or any clinic you may be registered with

or drop me a note if I can help in any way. Support is available.