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  • Anthony Ryb

Using Nature

The other day I was fortunate to find myself in a beautiful location with the sun shining, the morning dew slowly evaporating off the grass, a wonderful large open space with plenty of trees around and a wild river running alongside. I did some exercise by the river bank and ended with some meditation that culminated in my visualising any thoughts I no longer wished to keep being thrown into the river for the water to take away...diffusing them in the process. Please rest assured, these are the only things I would throw into a river! This is why I love nature so much and the harmony it can provide in these instances. At the same time I remain mindful of the recent severe fires, floods and landslides that have occurred worldwide, tragically causing many fatalities and much devastation in their wake. This demonstrates once more how extremes are not healthy, balance is worth striving for and nature requires respect.

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