• Anthony Ryb

2 new years in the last 5 weeks

Jan 1st saw in the start of 2019 and today marks the beginning of Year of the Pig for Chinese New Year. How has your year started? What objectives have you set yourself? I recently immersed myself into a project that I could have quite gladly kept postponing however I was under pressure from external sources to get it done. I found breaking it up into manageable chunks was helpful (i.e doing 2 hours, 3 x per week for 2 weeks and then 3 hours every weekend over 4 weekends), when working on it, giving myself a decent amount of time allowed me to get into it and achieve something within that sitting. This felt motivating and achievable. Once involved and seeing the project come together, and gradually noticing that more was now done than needed doing was encouraging and spurred me on. Finally, the knowledge that I had created a decent body of work felt incredibly positive. I'm not rushing into another project of that magnitude, however I will certainly be exploring things I'd like to do and achieve on a monthly basis. Enjoy your year ahead and everything you have planned.