• Anthony Ryb

Winter time and the festive season

For many, this time of the year is dark, cold, miserable and very, very sad. For others, they feel much pressure to get things done, completed or spend more money than they have available. Simple things we can all do include: 1/ take a step back and ask yourself, 'how much joy is this/will this bring me'? - if not very much, leave it and move on to something that will spark joy, 2/ consider others, so if you notice someone who's down or appreciate it's a difficult time for a friend, relative or colleague, let them know you are there for them, 3/ SAY NO to things, it's the time to look after yourself and it's OK to say no, 4/ Do something you enjoy for yourself, this could be taking a walk, visiting or calling someone who is dear to you, staying in bed all weekend or anything else you love to do, 5/ REACH OUT for support. This can be a very lonely and challenging time of the year, so please ask for help even if you don't think it will be helpful or that no one can change anything - reaching out immediately changes things.