• Anthony Ryb

Remaining positive when it's dark all around!

A theme over the past few weeks has been, 'how do I remain positive when so much negative is happening to me at this time'? I've been supporting people who have sadly been at their lowest and wondering (nervously) if they will ever be able to get back their strength, confidence, energy and any level of positivity again. My first thought is a positive one because if you are asking this question, it means you want to feel differently AND you have reached out for help. This is a positive start. Some might think it's a switch you can press to come out of the negative feelings and become positive once more, but the reality is if something awful has occurred it will be appropriate to feel the negative feelings you have and from there you can try some of the following: sleep, rest, say no to things, put yourself first, do things that spark joy for yourself, do things you know you're good at, visit a gallery or museum that you love so much or get tickets to that exhibition that's running, go for a walk, sit in the park, taste your favourite food, exercise, be around the people who care most about you and likewise enjoy your own space. Take a bath, stroke a cat or dog, read a book, meditate, listen, write or play music. DANCE! Add to this list and take it one day at a time......We are currently approaching spring and the days are getting longer and becoming brighter and this helps too.