• Anthony Ryb

One Step at a Time

COVID-19, Corona Virus it's all many can think off right now and the impact it's having on our lives and the greater world. My intention over the days and weeks ahead is to continue supporting those whom I can (both professionally and personally) and using this blog put out thoughts, strategies and helpful tips. Please be in touch if you feel it would be helpful to address anything specific and my first strategy is to read the Title of this message again, 'One step at a time'. What I mean by that is to take each day as it comes. There is great uncertainty and limited answers right now, so trying to fathom how long this will go on isn't the best use of our energy right now. Better use is to put in place a routine and structure for yourself and take it one day at time. I will write further about routine, structure and certainty in my next blog posts. Please take care and if you have a neighbour, next door or a few doors down who is by themselves & even if not spoken in a while or ever. Pop a note through their letterbox or send a text/give a call to communicate. It really makes a difference.