• Anthony Ryb

Are we asking the right question?

Recently I’ve heard various presenters asking their guests, ‘what is the first thing you intend to do once you come out of this self isolation period’? Whilst this delivers hope and also some fun and lively answers which potentially deliver more hope, I feel this line of questioning is a bit simplistic.

Why go through this, if the only thing to come out of it is that you want to give your nan a big hug, get drunk, go dancing, have a meal in a restaurant, travel to the country you’ve never been to, or back to somewhere meaningful that you have – all lovely things to do and something most definitely to look forward to BUT where’s the lasting change or impact that may have come as a result of this?

What happens ‘after’ the hug, the meal, the trip? Will you revert back to type, or what element/s in yourself might you seek to adjust and change, even slightly?

I’m not saying you should, however this is a chance for all of us to be looking inwards at the person we are, our purpose and where we obtain / how we give meaning to ourselves and others.

I appreciate this is deeper and more reflective and it’s not media friendly for news presenters to put their guest on the spot and ask them for some great philosophical response, however we ourselves can certainly utilise some of this time right now and take a look inwards to check in with ourselves some of the areas which we’d like to remain the same and others we may benefit from tweaking.

How do you think this pandemic will change you and what (lasting) changes are you wanting to make for yourself over time?