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  • Anthony Ryb

Benefits of writing at this time...

When applicable I generally suggest to whomever I am working with or supporting that it can be helpful to write, draw, build, colour and anything else that allows you to offload thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Writing can take the form of a diary, a journal, a book if you wish. Drawing or painting can be simple doodles and line drawing, colourful strokes or symbols or anything more elaborate that you feel you wish to invest in.

Over the past weeks I have penned a number of articles for myself and also sent to various publications, helping me focus, making me think more laterally and also activating parts of my brain that I find beneficial.

A recent article has been published by BioNews, a digital media publication that provides news and comment on genetics, assisted conception, embryo/stem cell research and related areas.

Have a think about something you might wish to write or offload and see how you get on and feel doing this.

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