• Anthony Ryb

Thank you JK Rowling….

Many years ago, in a land and time far far away....

…..Jo Rowling best known of course for her Harry Potter series but worthy of so much more recognition and appreciation than this. An accomplished author across many genres, philanthropist and motivator for many, she has last week released a story for free that she originally wrote many years ago for her children.

The Ickabog is a story that she read to her children chapter by chapter each night and last week she launched this in the same way to the public. Between 1 – 3 chapters are being released every afternoon through this month of June and this is beyond generous from the author.

Offering her work free of charge, delivering happiness to millions of people (regardless of being fans of her other work or not), motivating people to read, discuss and perhaps even put pen to paper themselves.

In addition, from a psychological perspective this will help deliver some meaning to some people as they eagerly anticipate the next instalment, gaining enjoyment from it and a sense of connection to millions of others also reading it at the same pace.

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift and the story is fun too…for both kids and adults alike!

If you’ve not picked up a book in a while or are seeking something to help distract and nudge your imagination back into life, check out The Ickabog and enjoy the happy place it will take you to.