• Anthony Ryb

Which way to go?

Back to normal or forward to something new?

Since the pandemic hit and lockdown took place I’ve heard a number of discussions around the subject of, ‘will things ever go back to how they were’? Some have posed the question slightly differently, asking, ‘when will things go back to how they were’ or, ‘do you think things will ever be normal again’ and 100 other variants of the same thing.

I’ve also had many people share with me some of the helpful things that lockdown has brought into their life and how they’d like to continue with some of these once we emerge.

Whilst I appreciate it’s a natural statement to make (will things go back to normal) and for many, familiarity feels secure even sadly when it may not be the healthy option. What I do know is that for many people I work with, areas of their life before the lockdown weren’t healthy and they were seeking ways to process, move through or accept the changes that were going on for them and to discover a new path.

That isn’t to say they wish to forgo or let go of everything that was, but more a sifting and retaining the positives whilst removing the impurities.

As lockdown continues to ease and freedoms return, so do opportunities, choice and second chances, including the consideration that if the world has changed, perhaps a changed life can now find a way in it with a bit less apprehension than before.

Human nature invariably leans towards the easy way and it’s comfortable to revert back to type. Change takes energy, trust and possibly a few knock backs. Is it worth it…..that depends on what you wish to change from? Take a look back and if it’s not fun, positive or bringing any sort of fulfilment into your life then perhaps you have your answer.