• Anthony Ryb

How have things changed for you?

Many times over these recent months I’ve heard many people ask questions like: 'will things ever be the same', '(when) do you think things will go back to normal', 'life is so different now' etc

What variants of those have you heard or possibly said yourself?

Life is different now and our world has changed, this is the truth. As such I was thinking that it may be a helpful exercise to note down how exactly life has changed for you and in what ways (both positive and negative) that it is different right now. Once alive on paper you will be able to see areas that are benefiting you and you wish to develop further and others that are causing stress or distress and require support.

Words can be easy to say and then move on from, BUT more often than not we don’t truly move on until we have really acknowledged or where possible accepted and made peace with a situation.

By writing down how life has changed and the impact it’s had, this can be cathartic, acknowledging and accepting and also honest. It makes it real and you may find a host of positive things emerge alongside any negatives. It may also allow us to ‘catch up’ with ourselves and where we are right now.