• Anthony Ryb

How to lose weight!

My apologies right from the start if you’ve hooked into this Post thinking I have the secret to shedding pounds or tightening up your waistline. Whilst I can certainly offer some tips in this area, if this is something you are interested in I am pretty sure my tips are ones that you are already very aware of and probably doing right now (balanced eating, some regular exercise and getting into a manageable routine is always helpful if elemental guidance).

The ‘weight’ I am referring to is the recurring thoughts, heavy decisions, feelings of anger, guilt or shame that might be weighing you down. The one sentence I hear most from everyone I work with after having a counselling session (generally after the first session) is, I feel so much lighter now.

Whenever I hear this, I always wonder how long the person has been carrying this heaviness around and how weighty it has been, what has it prevented them from doing and now it’s lifting how will they make use of the new energy, space and time available to them? Offloading can be really freeing and releasing and whether it’s through talking, crying or any other form of communication or expression it can be extremely cathartic.

I’m not sure I’ll be launching a new diet any time soon called, ‘counselling helps you lose weight’ even though this is certainly what we can achieve, albeit a different kind of weight.

That said, for those who are emotional or comfort eaters, in these instances counselling can often be helpful in getting to the route / cause and as part of the therapy, find alternative strategies rather than eating and as a consequence true weight loss or management may result.

I guess the strapline could be: Weight no longer, for therapy!