• Anthony Ryb

Suffocating grief

Last week, here in the UK we went through a brief but extreme heatwave and many people I spoke with used words like unbearable, no energy, can’t sleep, difficult to think or function etc.

It made me think of grief and how closely related and interchangeable some of those terms are.

Grief and loss are deeply connected and perhaps this surge in heat did promote a (temporary) sort of loss, for example loss of energy, appetite, sleep, difficulty in functioning etc.

If you suffered through the extreme heat and also currently find yourself grieving, it might be helpful to review ways in which you coped and see if you can determine any links to how this may help you manage your grief.

For example you may have found it helpful being alone, reducing the amount of things you took on, slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time or found ways to distract yourself. Have a think how doing something similar might support you with your grief.

One thing we could find comfort in was the knowledge that the heatwave would pass and the discomfort would eventually subside. Often when we are grieving, we sadly cannot see any end to it, nor let up in its force and this adds to complicate matters.

Perhaps this is the deepest element we can take from a comparison to the recent heatwave and how suffocating it felt. Grief is a feeling and no feeling is final, it will always change.

Please note that if your grief is currently overwhelming please seek the help and support of your doctor, a therapist or someone else you feel may be able to support you at this time.