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  • Anthony Ryb

How does grieving help?

This is something I hear a lot, along with comments such as, how will grieving bring back what I’ve lost? Grieving is painful and I’m already in pain so why bring any more on myself?

Focusing specifically on the comment: Why grieve? It won’t bring back what I’ve lost.

This is true as nothing can do this, however what grief or more accurately, grieving can do is help bring you back. It can help you to find yourself once more, to filter and process the many things going round and round in your head and make sense of the new and changed version of yourself or find the path or your way along the path in the new and changed world that you find yourself in.

Grieving can be painful, exhausting and seemingly never ending but it can also be cathartic, stabilising and rewarding. Now might not be the right time, you’ll know when it is and just like a lifeguard bringing someone safely back to shore, so your grieving will do the same for you. Have faith in it. Have faith in yourself.

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