• Anthony Ryb

Step - by - Step

A few months ago I wrote about the new book that JK Rowling released via the Internet, chapter by chapter each day she let us have another section. I personally enjoyed the book but more than that, I was hooked into the daily excitement of receiving this gift and noticed how simple and effective it was to spend 5-10 minutes each day reading, chapter by chapter until eventually the book came to and end and was completed. I enjoy reading anyway, but I felt this made it pleasurable, manageable and enjoyable to everyone.

I am doing something similar now, albeit I am not having a chapter delivered each day via the Internet but instead am reading a single chapter every day, which is making the book easy to get through and not feel like a chore which can sometimes happen.

Similarly over the past six months I have completed various tasks in this same way, each day spending just a few minutes and noticing the value of this at the end of each week and month. Larger jobs have finally been accomplished, dull jobs have been carried out a lot more easily and some which have been on the ‘to do’ list for years are now DONE.

Regardless of whether it’s reading a book, tackling a project or finding your way through grief, distress or any other difficult situation. One step at a time you will go through it and then look back and see it behind you. There may be some bumps in the road that you stumble over, some craters that you fall in and some mud that you get stuck in but ‘step by step’ you will make it through.

Focus on the current step rather than the finishing line would be my advice. This way, each step is its own finishing line which has the potential to deliver a great sense of achievement and motivation and will drive you onwards.