• Anthony Ryb

One way to tackle anxious thoughts...

Anxiety comes in many forms and attacks in many ways. Depending on what’s going on in your life, your character type and how well you adapt to change…worry, concern and apprehension will likely provoke your anxiety levels from low to medium to crippling.

I was reading an article recently, not directly about anxiety albeit the theme was about managing life and getting the most from it. The final line resonated with me as the author wrote how in his opinion (and research) we would do well to care a bit less about those things that we really don’t need to worry about.

That’s a powerful line and links well to what I wrote about last time (see blog below - Step by Step).

If we step back and ask ourselves, ‘of all the things that matter to me and that I am currently concerned about, where does this sit on the list? Does it even need to be in there? Do I really need to worry about this?

If we’re able to answer ‘no’ and remove this from our list of worries, then one by one the list reduces and consequently the weight and burden carried becomes lighter and therefore more manageable.

Give it a try and whilst there will always be things that loom large, it’s the myriad of smaller elements in the background that can be removed and maybe, just maybe this will make a difference. It could be the smallest of difference but difference nonetheless.