• Anthony Ryb

Be kind...

The days are becoming shorter, darker, colder and certainly wetter if this weekend is anything to go by.

Covid -19 spent the first half of the year making its presence known and very much felt and over the next six months we will do well to accept it’s here to stay with us through the autumn and winter months, taking its place amongst the other (standard!) winter bugs that visit us during this time.

Consequently, uncertainty continues with a traffic light of guidance being announced on a daily basis – stop > go > stop > pause > go > stop > go>stop>stop….

My message to myself and unto others right now is BE KIND. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. This can be your certainty.

There’s enough darkness ‘out there’ and being kind allows in some light.

Enjoy that lazy weekend, that lie in, that treat. Call up a friend or family member to check in. Give your partner a hug. Send a postcard or letter. Order that blanket you wanted. Ask your neighbour if they require anything. See what charity shops are open and what they are currently accepting.

How best can you help yourself and others at this time?