• Anthony Ryb

Lockdown Part 2!

We’ve been given a few days to prepare for our National Autumn Lockdown that starts this Thursday and on my walk this morning (this seems to be where I do much of my pondering recently), I was giving some thought to what was helpful (and also unhelpful) during the first lockdown and consequently what may or may not be helpful this time round.

I had many thoughts and will share three that stand out for me:

1. Think about what you found helpful last time round for yourself. It may have been putting in place a routine, having some friends or family available to speak with, tackling a project, doing some exercise, writing, painting, doing cross stich? Whatever it was, it helped because if you are reading this – you made it through the last lockdown and will manage this one too.

Another perspective is to think about what was NOT helpful last time and do the opposite (which should in theory be better for you).

2. Find joy in the smallest of things. On my walk this morning, it was silent and I noticed a medium sized bird fly past me and land nearby. It was beautifully coloured and for whatever reasons this made me smile. Possibly because it was a bit of a dark and drizzly morning and this turn of colour was uplifting to me. This was my lottery win today!

3. Remember that everything that starts will end. It’s what we do in the middle that can bring joy or angst and make the time pass slowly or swiftly.

Please reach out for support when you want or need it. This can be a colleague, a friend, family member, support network and even a pet (they can often provide the best ever support)!