• Anthony Ryb

A New Year Begins...

Yesterday (New Years Day) was the hottest day of the year so far and it was also the coldest day of the year so far (that’s my annual 1st of the year joke out of the way -some may say it’s the funniest joke of the year so far, or perhaps the least funny so far – probably both!).

Including today we have 364 more days ahead of us in 2022 and many more records will be broken day to day – some positive, some not.

What ambitions, records and goals will you be setting for yourself and hoping to achieve over the coming months? You may wish to think of these in terms of work based, home, community, health and any other categories that sit comfortably for you.

Make aspirations achievable. I believe it was a comedian who once said something along the lines of, ‘set the bar low / lower your expectations, this way you reduce the risk of being disappointed’.

Regardless of improbably goals, achievable ones, low or high thresholds; having something you want to do, see, learn, share, teach, show, give or receive will provide a purpose, interest and motivation.

Roll on the year ahead and no matter whether it’s the red carpet or a dirt track that plots our route, keep breathing, keep looking up/forward and whilst being open to asking for help, lend a hand to those who reach out… and to those who don’t, check in and ask if they would like a hand with anything.

This will be my Motto (goal?) for 2022, ‘receive a hand and lend a hand’