• Anthony Ryb

An Olde Friend...

I recently watched a movie that first came out around 20 years ago. I loved it then and I’ve loved it equally with each subsequent viewing, of which there have been many over the years.

It’s been some time since I last watched it and for whatever reason felt the time had arrived to commit a further 2 hours of my life and it was an absolute delight and great decision.

Though familiar, as I age I do find my memory for the precise order of things a little hazy and of course certain lines or quotes become forgotten or develop new meaning depending on my own encounters over the years since last viewing.

This particular movie contains numerous storylines and adventures, great plot and character development, is multi generational and funny, thought provoking and at times can be tear jerking. It also has a great father / son strand running through it, though more for those who may have experienced a challenging relationship with their parent.

Watching the film gave me the embracing feel like you get when meeting an old friend.

What movies are on your list that you return to time after time and that age alongside you?

As I write, I am aware that today is Fathers Day and whilst difficult for many for a variety of reasons, it will hopefully be a happy day for others. It’s not about being overjoyed or burdened with sadness even though this will be how some might feel today. Today is today and be congruent with yourself. Tomorrow will be Monday, a new day and week lies ahead.

Sadly I don’t have a link but I took part in a webinar last week, courtesy of Fertility Network UK and HIM Fertility providing some support and tips for people who may find today a difficult day. If interested in listening, drop them a note asking for a link to the recording. I appreciate this will be ‘after the event’ but some of the discussion may be helpful in general and isn’t only specific for surviving named days in the calendar.