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  • Anthony Ryb

Baby Loss Awareness Week...

I know every day or week now represents something ‘awareness’ related and whilst today itself happens to be World Mental Health Day, this week is Baby Loss Awareness” week.

It’s good to see so many more support agencies available in this area, though sadly I suspect this has and continues to grow out of demand. It is the age old question though; are more people experiencing pregnancy/baby loss or are people more open now to seeking help and support. I’m guessing a combination of both.

Whilst Baby Loss Awareness week typically supports people who have suffered a pregnancy or baby loss, I feel strongly that this week also includes reflections and support for anyone who has sadly been unable to conceive and is childless not through choice, as this too can deliver for many a lifelong process of adapting and adjusting in so many ways. I know I’ve covered the subject previously talking about people who struggle to make sense of how to grieve something they’ve not been able to have and to my mind - not being able to have the child/ren you craved or create the family you wanted is absolutely baby loss.

Some people find these awareness days/weeks really helpful and the tips and guidance on certain websites very useful, whilst for others it may be the opposite.

Whichever side you find yourself on, my thoughts are with you.

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