• Anthony Ryb


It’s pretty warm outside right now (the hottest day of the year ‘so far’ I believe), I’m guessing the temperature in the room I’m in is somewhere upwards of 31% and would possibly be reduced by a degree or two if I was turn on the fan. The air is still, sun is beating down and it’s silent asides from the clacking of my keyboard as I type out these words, I’ve never really thought about this but might it be too hot for even the birds to sing?

My first thought as I clocked the number 31 (degrees), was 31 days in month, I then wondered what I was doing back when I was 31 and finally I settled on Baskin Robbins and which of their 31 flavours of ice cream would I enjoy most at this moment!

Our minds wander and sometimes distraction can be helpful and beneficial, though more often it causes a degree of procrastination getting in the way of us carrying out or completing a task that’s on our agenda or something required for someone else.

I’m also aware that we can use distraction as a strategy (consciously or unconsciously) to help us manage loss, grief, fear, panic, anger and many other emotions that arise and may be causing distress of some kind. Being distracted or keeping busy with work, exercise, social events, supporting others and helping them during their time of need can help keep our minds occupied and at the extreme can stop it from settling on areas that cause us pain/suffering.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of distraction though do pay attention to any impact it’s having in your life because if it’s becoming detrimental in some way and causing additional stress or you find yourself having to increase levels / durations of distraction to help cope and manage with life it may be helpful to reach out for support.

The old adage springs to mind that ‘you can run but you can’t hide’ and at some point, if we are using distraction to keep the demons at bay, we will ultimately find ourselves facing what we’ve spent, hours, days, months or potentially years hiding or running from.

Whilst you spend time contemplating reaching out for support and considering how helpful this might be for you right now, the Baskin Robbins flavour I would recommend is…..