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  • Anthony Ryb

Feel the light and warmth...

Last time I wrote, I mentioned about square / box breathing technique which can be quickly mastered, done anywhere and when incorporated into a daily routine can have a positive lasting impact on your emotional health.

See the post below to refresh yourself if helpful.

I was speaking with someone recently about this breathing exercise and they mentioned how they like to include visualisation into it when they carry it out. They visualise a light moving across, stopping and then continuing again. We discussed this further together and changed the colour of the light and then we also used ourselves as the vessel, so instead of using a square or rectangle shape we imagined the light or heat coming up through our feet and running up the back of our body and resting on top of our head before coming down the front of us.

There are many variations and once you have a few that you feel comfortable with, you can mix it up and use whichever suits you on any given day.

As a final idea (for now), you can also use adapt the breathing element itself and include visualisation in this. For example, imagine breathing in positivity and nourishment from the world and when you exhale you let out all toxins and negativity that’s inside of you.

Breathe in the light and out the dark……

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