• Anthony Ryb

Go backwards to move forwards…

So how do we go backwards in order to move forwards? It doesn’t make much sense does it?

There are times in our lives where pausing or having a break can help us to settle, re-balance and re-establish our equilibrium. This is healthy and we can all benefit from doing this. It doesn’t answer the initial statement of ‘going backwards, to move forwards’ though.

Sometimes when feeling stressed or troubled it can be very helpful to reflect on past strategies that were helpful to us at that time and which enabled us to find a way through the situation or crisis we found ourselves in.

Likewise, it can be powerful every so often to look back on our lives and reflect / gain perspective on how we are doing right now, in this moment / at this time. If we have just experienced a difficult time, we can check in and think, how might I have been impacted by this same situation 6, 12, 24 months ago and how (differently <if at all>) am I managing it today? Even if not coping too well, by reflecting closely, you may find that it’s not bringing you down as low, as heavy or lasting as long as previous.

Hence reflecting or looking backwards, can work as a powerful tool in helping us gain a new point of view in the present and support us in moving forward.

Next time you’re feeling low, look back on what was helpful last time round (if similar situation or skills can be used in this circumstance too).

If after an event, check in and reflect how you coped/reacted differently to previous time/s.

Think of a circle, we can travel round the circle one way or the other, it all connects and yet never ends…