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  • Anthony Ryb

Oceans and Waves...

I quite like quotes and someone told me one the other day that I felt may be useful to share. I have adapted it slightly from what they said, and my version is:

“When you realize that you’re the ocean, you will no longer be afraid of the waves”

Have a think about what this means for you and how it resonates (if at all).

I often get asked by people how can they keep control of their life when it seems everything is spiralling so out of control? If we think of those spirals that are causing things to become so unmanageable and challenging, we could consider them ‘waves’. We can have positive, negative and stressful waves that come over us. They may sometimes come out of nowhere and other times we may see them looming in the distance and travelling towards us and we’ll desperately try to prepare before they hit. They could be waves we ourselves have created or sent our way by others.

Back to my quote…’become the ocean / own the waves’.

Find a way to become your own ocean and you will likely be able to better manage the areas in your life that can be overly stressful. This isn’t fool proof and every so often a rogue wave will always make its way through and challenge us, however if you can find a way to reduce the amount of waves, the height of them, the power – I’m guessing it will promote a calmer way of life.

A final thought, away from Oceans and Waves albeit still connected to some degree. The 2nd – 8th December is National Grief Awareness Week and the Good Grief Trust has some information if you wish to take a look.

As the year draws to a close and we begin to wave (!) goodbye to 2021, begin to imagine the ocean you’d like to swim in through 2022…

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