• Anthony Ryb


The past few days have been a triple whammy of sorts….last night our clocks went forward and I know many people are deeply aggrieved at losing an hour and find it difficult to adjust. Last Wednesday (23rd March) was National Day of Reflection which is poignant in itself and more so given that today is Mother’s Day, which depending on how life has turned out for you, is either a wonderful and fun day or a day you just want it to pass as quickly as possible. Even more so for those who have both sadly not become mother’s when this may have been what they wanted and if their own mother is also no longer here. There are always multiple levels to everything.

MY thoughts go out to everyone who may be sad or deep in thought today. I cannot make this better but am reflective and attuned to your loss.

If you are feeling low, but feel you can go for a walk. Take a short route round the block or somewhere that you’d like to visit. The reason I say this is because on a walk earlier today I passed a very small tree that was in full blossom and it left me rigid in my tracks. I stopped and admired it (even took a photo). It made me smile. It reminded me that beauty and delight can often come or be obtained from the smallest and most unexpected of things or situations and it was lovely to be reminded of this. Throughout my walk I came across many more blossom trees, all making me smile.

Today might not be a happy day for many but that doesn’t mean happiness cannot be discovered!