• Anthony Ryb


When we notice someone’s scars it typically makes us think about how did they get them. Depending where they are and how they look, we might wonder if they were self inflicted, from an accident or was it from an attack of some kind. We can have all manner of thoughts running through our head.

My question is... what happens when we don’t see any scars? What happens when someone is carrying their scars on the inside or they are not visible? The same applies with hidden health issues. If someone is walking with a stick we make allowances, yet if someone in front of you is walking very slowly without any discernible limp it can provoke different feelings to arise.

If someone is angry, it’s generally because something hasn’t or isn’t going well for them. i.e something hidden that we’re (often) not aware of.

It’s very difficult to treat everyone equally and probably not actually possible, however I think what we are more able to do, and for some it will take more thought & energy than others, is to treat everyone with equal respect. To use our senses and listen for cues and clues, watch for any physical difficulties or discomfort and pick up on energy waves (we all know what it feels like to be in the presence of someone in a really good mood or a very dark place).

It’s easy to judge and jump to conclusions, especially nowadays where we tend to be more in a rush than ever before. Pause, take a breath and ask, “what if that was me”?

We all at times will carry a scar, will not be firing on all cylinders and may feel judged and whilst we cannot prevent anyone having their own thoughts, we can certainly work on ours.