• Anthony Ryb

Tell people what they mean to you...

Have you noticed when there’s been a high profile death that hits the media, there is an outpouring of statements that come through from people near and far who have in some way been connected to the person and all want to share how amazing, gifted and wonderful this person was and how much they will be missed.

This is fine and a mark of respect for the deceased and their family, however it has got me thinking or more specifically ‘wondering’ why it often takes the death of someone for us to tell them/the world how much they meant to us.

When catching some of news bulletins and statements I have repeatedly felt how unfair it is that the person isn’t actually around to hear all this ‘lovely stuff’ being told about them.

I was recently asked to record something that would be presented so someone close to me on their birthday. I had a 60 second timeframe and worked on it from the perspective of what would I be saying if they had died and I lost the chance to tell them to their face. I tamed it down a bit but it did help me focus on what was important and heartfelt and I was pleased to have that opportunity.

A regret that many carry with them is ‘not having enough time to spend with people they love or care for’ or ‘not having said or told someone certain things before they die’.

This week’s death of Prince Philip and others has prompted me to tell people who I care for, what and how much they mean to me.

Think about it for yourself and if comfortable (or even if not), consider reaching out to the person/s you care about and letting them know.