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  • Anthony Ryb

Top or Bottom…or something else?

Passing a house in my area the other day I noticed scaffolding around it and looked up to see the property was having a new roof fitted. The old roof had been removed, the initial stages of preparation had been carried out and the final layers/tiles were due to be fitted.

It got me thinking about leaky roofs and then about “foundations” as some houses require underpinning because there is movement which makes the place potentially unsafe.

I was wondering, which is more important? Ensuring the top is protective and leak proof or the bottom is secure? Clearly both are crucial and yet the conclusion I settled on was ‘the middle bit’.

In life there may be times when we feel the worries and weight of the world in our heads or on our shoulders (our roof) and other occasions where we are blindsided or shocked and find our universe is completely rocked (our foundations). What is helpful in either situation is to have a central core (middle bit) that can take the weight bearing down on us and remain supportive and equally remain balanced despite being knocked about.

Looking up (or down, depending on your perspective), this post creates a trilogy with my previous two posts, suggesting that whilst many things are important, including the harmonious co-existence of things in balance with one another – quite often it is the ‘element’ in the centre (the silent hero) that proves to be the key and isn’t that what we are always seeking….the elusive key!