• Anthony Ryb

Walking thoughts...

On my walk early this morning I noticed a couple of things.

The first is what I’m going to term, ‘head down syndrome’. It was pretty early and I didn’t pass too many people but those who I did, I wanted to wish good morning, however I noticed as I got closer (even if they were on the other side of the street), their heads would lower. I do appreciate that not everyone is as happy as me in the mornings or wanting to communicate and of course it may not be a very good morning for them at all but I was amazed that not one person wished to engage. Some weeks one or two people will give eye contact and will exchange a ‘hello’ or a nod but it seems to be rarer now than it used to be. This is something I have become aware of during the past 18 months that people seem to be retreating within themselves a lot more than before. It’s probably natural given we’ve lived in fear of coming to close to people and catching a virus from someone if we venture into their space.

I brought this up with some friends recently to check if they have similar experiences and it’s been mixed results. Some themselves don’t wish to speak with anyone and others have said they’ve found people to be engaging. I wonder what your experience has been and of course it could also be a geographic response too, I know from trips to certain parts of the UK that in some areas people have tended to be more friendly than others.

The second thing I noticed when halfway through my walk, was a sound coming through of THWUMP, WHUMP, THWUMP, WHUMP, THWUMP, WHUMP and I immediately recognised it as a tennis ball being hit back and forth between players. This was not incredible detective work as I know there was a tennis club down the road from where I was, albeit it’s been some time since people have inhabited it and such a sound has emerged.

It’s been many years since I last played tennis however it immediately triggered positive memories for me of both playing and watching. I enjoyed the rest of my walk reminiscing and smiling (and wanting even more to say hello/good morning to people I passed).

What are some of the nostalgic memories you’ve had appear over recent days or week and who would you like to share them with?