• Anthony Ryb

What triggers positive summer memories for you?

For me, this year it’s been a nectarine!

A couple of weeks ago I took a bite of a nectarine and a wave washed over me, bathing me in memories of past summers that came rolling in. Nothing too specific or vivid, merely a powerful remembrance of happy days that included memories of sunshine, the beach and no school.

I’ve never had this before, i.e from a nectarine of all things and am I’m not sure why this year it’s been this fruit that’s triggered such memories and awoken the past in such a way, but for whatever reason it did, it has and it feels okay. Could be due to travel being restricted and my mind is wandering back to previous times and experiences – who knows.

If I was to have been asked what fruit might bring up memories of summer from my youth I probably would have said grapes or watermelon as these are the first two that spring to mind, however two weeks ago when I took that bite I was defenceless in the memories that were triggered.

Fortunately it’s been a pleasant experience, as I’m very aware that triggers can often cause negative memories / emotions to rise so I am grateful this hasn’t been the case in this instance. When traumas resurface we might be tempted to try and bury them again, hide from them, distract ourselves or keep extra busy and whilst all of that can be helpful in the immediate instance, it can often be useful to seek help and there are some great techniques available to help process such arousal and prevent it from impacting us so massively in the future.

Right now the sun is shining, birds are singing and this in itself may bring back happy memories for you from a distant life. If not enough by itself, pay attention to some of the foods you enjoy or the smells and sounds around at this time of years and notice what positive recollections become aroused…