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  • Anthony Ryb

When the fog clears, what emerges?

Yesterday morning I woke to sunlight streaming through the windows and it continued like that for the rest of the day. Warm, bright, cheerful and exposing certain areas that needed a good dust or clean (not so cheerful!)!

In contrast, this morning I looked out the window and could barely see 50 metres in any direction as fog had formed and was dense and obscuring.

I took a walk and noticed (as earlier) how I was only able to see up to a certain distance ahead and wondered in my mind, ‘what lies beyond the fog’/ what will emerge?

The only thing that did actually emerge was me as I walked through it.

It did make me think though about life journeys, situations, relationships, fertility treatment and many more things where we might know where we’re starting out from and have a hope of where it will lead but the “in between” might be foggy, unknown or obscure.

As I wandered along, each step leading me closer to seeing what’s next, it struck me that this is something that we focus on in counselling. Approaching things ‘step by step’ rather than rushing ahead or becoming overwhelmed when trying to manage the enormity of an entire situation in a single bound. There is a beginning, there will be an end and it’s the foggy bit in the middle that we unravel bit by bit.

So, when the fog clears what emerges? One answer might be ‘clarity’.