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  • Anthony Ryb

Where’s your Peace?

I usually go for a walk early Sunday morning. On the whole, come sun, wind, rain or snow – this is my space, my time…my peace as the world sleeps or is slowly awakening. It is much easier at this time of the year to rise early, though each season delivers a certain magic although it is the walk itself, or more specifically the (alone) time that delivers its own magic.

This morning I had to go somewhere and took a drive. It was early, no cars, a few dog walkers and cyclists and there was a wonderful sense of calm.

The sun was shining, I had music playing and I felt completely at peace. Hence the question arose for me to ask today: Where do you find your peace?

What also helped was the music, here is a link to what I was playing @ Gorecki Symphony No 3, Mvt 2 with Soprano Dawn Upshaw.

This was the truly magical element, as it’s been a while since I’ve heard the track:

Have a think about the various areas that deliver your peace for you. How quickly can you tap into them? How often do enjoy this? When will be the next time?

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