• Anthony Ryb

How FOCUS became MAGIC….

t’s funny how certain words, especially when read can trigger other words, thoughts or meanings. As I spelled out and wrote the word FOCUS, immediate the words HOKUS POCUS came to mind and then the word MAGIC.

That wasn’t the point of this blog so I will take a breath and (excuse the pun) ‘refocus’ on what I was intending to write.

Imagine looking through a telescope, up into the solar system and checking out some stars, moons and other objects that loom in and out of focus! Take a couple of seconds to imagine doing this.

Imagine picking up a pair of binoculars and looking out your window, what do you think you would see appearing so much closer. How intense and clear would it be?

Imagine looking through a microscope at a slide or two and turning up the magnifier to really observe incredibly deeply the contents.

Focusing can be soothing, escapism, distracting, calming and is something very simple to do, regardless of whether you have a telescope, pair of binoculars, microscope or none of them.

You can focus on a task, on your breathing, on the structure of a flower, a story you are reading (or writing), a movie you are watching or program you are listening to. Perhaps something you are making or cooking. Drawing or painting. An exercise move or routine you are practicing. The list is endless and importantly there’s always something available.

Try it, once a day pay attention to your focus and allow it to take you away to another dimension.

Now perhaps, that is Magic!