• Anthony Ryb

Changing colours / Falling leaves...

Taking a walk this morning I took in the changing and varied colours of the trees, so many shades and it made me smile. I noticed leaves falling and appreciate before too long most of these branches will be bare and the branches like outstretched arms will be highly visible.

I also noticed plants in front gardens with remaining flowers drooping and calling it a day on this year, whilst others were budding with some beautiful yellow and white flowers beginning to emerge.

The ebb and flow of life and the transition from one season into another.

I passed a holly bush with loads of red berries and could smell the scent of some of fauna as I walked…and this was in a residential area...albeit early in the morning.

Next time you go for a walk, check out your surroundings, the colours, scents, smells and sounds. We are lucky in this country to enjoy fairly distinct seasons and the joy this brings.