• Anthony Ryb


There’s a popular saying that,” time is a great healer” and to some degree this is true. Whether it heals, makes us forget or takes us (further) away from the source of the pain/suffering is up for discussion. Equally, time can do the opposite of course and there are times where the ‘space’ can truly make us worry more (for example the time between knowing you have an exam and taking it, receiving confirmation of an interview and going, diagnosis / requirement for tests and taking them / getting the results…).

I was thinking the other day that around 100 years ago photographers were the only people with access to cameras and these were big things with large and often separate flashes. Every year technology has advanced in some way; so much so that nowadays we all have our own personal cameras built into our handheld devices and are all budding photographers.

When people tell me how bad they are feeling or how low they’ve become, I think about these technological advancements (in all areas) over the years and appreciate that nothing stays the same. Over time, everything does change, adapt, develop and shift.

As such, when you find yourself worrying, suffering or feeling stuck, please appreciate this will pass….it has to, it’s natural too. How long, how you will feel afterwards and what will replace it is known, however time doesn’t stand still and consequently, at some point our feelings (positive or negative) change (subtly or majorly) and give way to new ones (small or large).

Time shifts, movement…change...(repeat).