• Anthony Ryb

Endings can be positive....

It’s not often I consciously and truly think about the weather however today I did and realised that every day I do actually consciously and truly contemplate the weather!

I was reflecting back on last Sunday when it snowed and the next day we had rain and a few days later the sun shone brightly and at the end of the week the temperature was 10+ degrees and now (Sunday again) it’s back down to just above freezing.

I realised that every day we adapt to whatever the climate, temperature and elements deliver, and we manage this in our stride.

It got me thinking that we are used to change on a daily basis and the impermanence of situations. Sometimes this is sad and sometimes a positive thing. Everything begins and everything ends. At some point it will transition from where it started towards where it concludes.

It's easy to be overcome by the sadder endings or losses we’ve endured but have a think about some of the more positive outcomes you’ve experienced (i.e recovering from illness, the end of a work day that leads to a weekend, the end of a flight that touches down to a holiday, the end of a day that leads to sleep or the end of sleep that leads to a new day…)

Beginnings and endings, we require both to provide flow and movement in our lives.