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  • Anthony Ryb

Tomorrow is a new day...

Not necessarily a better day, BUT a new day.

I appreciate this is a fairly obvious statement but the force of it came to me afresh through a retrospective.

During the week, I woke up and was thinking back to ‘this time yesterday’ and was remembering that ‘yesterday’ I’d been quite nervous about something that would be happening during the day. It went really well and here I was 24 hours later reflecting back and thinking how different today is to yesterday. In this instance, not better. Not worse, just a different day. A new one and one where I’d woken up not feeling nervous.

Therefore, ‘tomorrow is a new day’ and we can find peace knowing that we potentially can start afresh or gain a retrospective in noting that the day before has now passed.

I know that some situations are like a black hole and there may be worry about ‘tomorrow’ or a feeling of being stuck and that all my tomorrows are the same. Whilst that may seem to be the case and whilst it might be that 99% of the next day shares its DNA with the day before or potentially with the day after…visit that 1% that is different, either because it is different or because you have made it or intend to make it different.

What will you change tomorrow or revisit from yesterday?