• Anthony Ryb

Bare tree...starting over

Bare trees…starting over

Every year I find myself observing trees at the different seasons. Right now, they stand there empty, exposed and vulnerable. Sometimes I wonder if they are cold without their leafy insulation.

Also at this time if you look carefully, some trees will be showing small buds that are building up the courage to bud, blossom and bloom over the coming months.

The other week I was thinking, that every year, a healthy tree will flower, hold onto their leaves and then as times moves on and the seasons change they will begin to shed and fall once more…and so the cycle continues…year after year after year.

What does the tree learn with each flowering and each shedding. As it matures, what lessons might it teach newer saplings or its fellow tree companions?

Please don’t think I’ve gone completely mad during this first month of 2022 and spent too many days indoors. My point is that we (humans) will often repeat certain patterns and cycles ourselves and what is that we take with us each time and possibly will do differently next time round? What lessons do we learn and what advice or support might we provide to someone if asked?

Changes occur, new beginnings emerge and endings happen and so the pattern continues. What are your reactions to these things?

Like trees shedding their leaves and starting over. Perhaps we can take a leaf (!) out of their books