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  • Anthony Ryb


Many people I have spoken to this past week have been reflecting how a year ago they visited someone for the last time, went into their office or place of work for the final visit or carried out a specific task at a certain place that they’ve not been able to repeat in 12 months. I’m guessing similar narratives will emerge over the coming weeks.

A traumatic incident often lodges itself into our psyche, which means we always see it (even when we don’t want to). These are rare but very specific moments in our lives which remain captured in this way – not always bad moments – and the UK closing down is one such moment that is pretty unique, as whilst it impacted all of us individually at some level, it also impacted the nation collectively. Furthermore, we can add in for good measure the global force too.

Sadly, some will have continued to be further scarred by additional traumas over the past 12 months and these traumas possibly also leading to further ones – a traumatic chain (or train) occurring and the impact can feel overwhelming. It may take huge amounts of courage, support and energy to help in these circumstances but help is available.

Whilst these recent conversations & recollections remind me of grief and grieving with the reflections of anniversaries and other significant and meaningful dates and experiences, I am also thinking of a very short line that I often ponder:

“No feeling is final”

Everything will at some point change and whatever begins will end and whenever something ends, a new beginning commences….transience, transition and transformation.

There may at times seem no end to pain that is felt. It may at times feel that sadness will continue forever. We all wish the happy moments in our lives will keep running even though we know that specific moment is finite.

There will be pain, there will be sadness and there will be good times and happiness, this is because, ‘no feeling is final’