• Anthony Ryb

Shadows, Memories and Joy...

Taking a walk early this morning, it was very peaceful, the sun was rising and I noticed my shadow, long and slender in front of me. It brought back memories of childhood when I remember thinking my shadow had a life of its own, albeit I could control the shapes, positions and forms it took – until it was obscured and hid!

Of course I have seen and noticed my shadow 1000’s of times since my childhood, however for some strange reason this morning I was transported back in time and it brought a smile to my face and some happy memories.

What have you (re) remembered recently that has brought a smile back to your face and jolted some positive or happy memories for you?

When this happens, it’s worth pausing for a moment and staying with it. Think deeper…into your body…asking yourself where in your body you feel this spark of joy?

There can be so much pressure to keep getting on with things or a To Do list that requires constant attention. Giving ourselves some space, time and a pause every so often is nurturing and especially at those moments where a smile has been triggered…then it becomes nourishing too.

Wishing you a happy, joyful, smiling week ahead!