• Anthony Ryb

The day will come and the day will pass…

How often do you play the game: ‘do you remember (this time yesterday, this time last week, it’s been a month since, a year ago…)?

How often do you count down the days until XYZ arrives (…the delivery of something, a holiday or something you want to be over, out the way or completed)?

The date always arrives and then, just like that it passes. The holiday you booked months in advance, the visitors who came or party you attended, tickets to an event, that amazing meal, the box set, that date/meet-up you went on (or wanted desperately to end), the list is endless because everything we do ‘starts’ and ‘ends’.

Of course we will always want the brighter and fun things to arrive quickly, stay longer and be repeated often. With that in mind it’s worth reminding ourselves that all negative things will pass (remember the phrase, ‘no feeling lasts forever’). Of course we may hold onto elements of the bad stuff, which makes it linger and stay with us longer than we’d want and we may at times feel powerless to change or do anything about this. It will eventually pass, even the most stubborn of forces will shift or at least change in some way at some point (it’s normally us who change the way we are or think, which in turn makes it appear like the ‘thing’ itself that’s weighing on us has changed).

Be patient, enjoy the build up, love the moment/s and tolerate/learn from and find peace with those more difficult times.

Shortly we will begin the transition once more out of (another) summer and into (another) Autumn and the cycle continues. Soon we’ll be saying, do you remember during the summer when….