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  • Anthony Ryb

The time between the time…is THE time (where the magic happens)!

Following on from my last piece, I’ve been thinking about this a bit more. The aspect of something happening, even (or especially) when we don’t think anything is happening or more relevantly when we feel stuck.

There may be times when you feel ‘in limbo’. You’re waiting for something to happen and this can be 5 minutes away, a year down the road or have no timeframe whatsoever (.ie grief). The likelihood is that you’re hoping for good news or a positive outcome for whatever it is you’re experiencing.

It’s human nature to become frustrated, want results and not feel comfortable with uncertainty, limboland and the unpredictable element of not knowing. Time can often seem to drag, making it even more unbearable and difficult.

Let me provide an alternative picture…

When training or exercising we might be tempted to think the key element is the physical bit. Without this we won’t better ourselves, meet our targets or become fitter, faster, stronger etc. HOWEVER, whilst the training is of course very important – equally essential is the ‘down time’. The time between training / exercise sessions. These times when we might berate ourselves for being lazy or think nothing is happening when in fact important and healthy recovery is occurring that will allow us to keep training (more likely injury free) and develop / achieve the objectives we are seeking.

When grieving, much occurs between the time that the loss happens and when you feel differently about it. Sometimes that ‘between time’ can seem a bit blurry, though something is happening behind the scenes regardless.

People come in for a counselling session and perhaps come back the following week – yes the sessions are (hopefully) helpful, BUT it’s what happens in between that the change develops.

In life, so much takes place in between points A and B, which ironically is often the time when we feel stuck, uncertain or frustrated that nothing seems to be changing or happening. Similarly, have you ever thought about that worrying you do – from when you hear about something that’s about to happen to when it does take place – sometimes we fill the middle bit with concern, fear, apprehension (@ worry) – why? Based on the principle above, we would benefit more from emptying our thoughts.

Looking out my window I can see many trees that are full of leaves right now, 3 months ago they were bare – “something occurred whilst it looked like nothing was occurring” – this is the time or space where the magic happens!

Go back and look at the previous post I wrote and have another read of the passage at the end…how does it read for you now?